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What Is "The Hill":

"The Hill" is considered to be the houses located along Lincoln Drive & Blair Street area east of Sycamore Road -- where the road starts going up the hill. This area is in zip code 17754. Montoursville, Pennsylvania,

Purpose Of This Page:

This web page is to primarily support the PRIVATE residents-only Yahoo Discussion Listserver Group, which is mainly for discussion about sewer lateral upgrades that are apparently required to be completed by May 2010.

A. The Yahoo Group Listserver

1. What's A Listserver:
A Listserver is essentially an automated email system, that keeps track of members addresses, and also allows them to 'unsubscribe' themselves at any time, plus other features.
2. This Listserver group is configured to be completely PRIVATE. Other members cannot see your address (unless you send a message).
3. The general public (and this includes the Spammers) can see NOTHING -- not the messages, not addresses . . . nothing.
4. You can UNSUBSCRIBE yourself from this group any time you want -- although we hope you won't.
5. I am going to encourage members to create a "Mail Rule", which will automatically put messages from this group into a separate mailbox, and not clutter your inbox. See Section C below.
6. Please avoid sending excessive messages, or any "chit-chat" type messages, as people will unsubscribe if they get too many messages with information that is not really useful to them.

Using The Listserver:

7. Members only, can send a message to the entire group by using the address 17754@yahoogroups.com . Put this address in your address book, so it will always be correct.
8. You can view the Listserver's home page, but all messages will come to you through email.
9. To join this group, contact the moderator James Ingram (use link at bottom for phone or email). You must be a "hill" resident.
10. All Listserver messages will have the identifying "subject tag" of "[17754]" prepended to the beginning of the subject line.

For Additional Yahoo Listserver Information:

11. My amateur YouTube video, Listservers For Email Announcements I attempt to give an overview of the Yahoo Listservers (you need broadband to play this, & up-to-date browser).
12. My Listserver Help page
13. Yahoo Groups Help Pages
14. The "New Members Message" for this Yahoo group (automatically is sent to anyone who is added to the group).