4 Classmates Web Pages

  • To get a 1966 classmate's web page added: send the URL to James Ingram, use link at bottom of page. (Note: The web page should contain some information about that person, or at the minimum, a clear indication that the web page was built by the class member.)
  • Need a web page ?? One option is to build a simple web page like this one, for FREE -- using a blog. It's almost like sending an email, except you click a 'Publish' button instead of a 'Send' button. See NineDollarWebPage.com for explanatory YouTube videos.
Classmates Web Pages
  1. Brent Fish, Williamsport Pa

  2. James Ingram, Williamsport PA
    JamesIngram.net , Track2.com

  3. Walt Kaiser, somewhere in CA

  4. Barb McKee Jarmoska, Williamsport Pa
    Road-2-Health.com , Freshlife.com

  5. Dick Penfield, Williamsport Pa

  6. Letty Wharton Gray, Montoursville Pa