backup of Yahoo Group page

The Yahoo Group
  • Join the Yahoo email discussion group for 1966 alumni. Your email is private, and you can "unsubscribe" yourself at any time.
  • To join, just send a blank email (no subject, no body) to , then just hit your 'Reply' button when Yahoo sends you a 'request for confirmation'.

  • For more information about Yahoo groups, visit Ingram's web page 'About Yahoo Groups', or you can view Ingram's amateur YouTube Video About Yahoo Groups.
  • Note that for this group, (1) only 1966 Alumni will be allowed to join, and (2) the 'message archives' will be viewable OPNLY by 1966 class members who can log in with a Yahoo ID.

  • If you still have questions after viewing the above web page and video, please contact Jim Ingram by email or phone, using the link at the bottom of the page.